Tax Rates


Tax rates are determined within the Utility Settings for "Your Hotel". These rates are used particularly with Catering, as they determine the calculations for any estimated charges on a BEO or within the Banquet Check feature. The Lodging or overnight room tax rates are reference at this time only.

With many new and varying tax rates, we have designed STS Cloud to accommodate a variety of tax settings. Most common are Sales Tax, Service Charge and Tax on Service Charge. Variables can include a Food or Beverage Tax, Room Rental Tax, GST, PST or HST (Canada),

It is recommended that tax rates be reviewed prior to menu items being built. If you have location specific needs, we offer a couple of customizable tax fields and your account manager or support can assist you with these specific needs.

Please contact your account manager or support with specific tax issues, or calculation questions.

TAX EXEMPT GROUPS - When a group is tax exempt, you are able to mark that specific group as a tax exempt group, either from Sales Tax or F/B tax, or both. This setting within the group will override the property tax settings for only that booking. Groups that are tax exempt are addressed in the Billing Tab of a Group Booking. There is also a field to enter a Tax Exempt ID Certificate number for reference on the group.

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