Creating Your Master Menu Categories and Items


A Menu Category is simply a section, or a way you want to store and look up items.  Breakfast, as an example can be a category, and then you can add your plated breakfast menus and your breakfast buffet menus to that category.  Some client have a Category called Breakfast Plated, and they load the plated menus in that category, and have a Breakfast Buffet category, and load the buffet menus in that category to find them.  See below:


Category:  Breakfast

Items in a category:

  •  All American Breakfast Buffet
  •  Sunrise Plated Breakfast
  •  Executive Continental Buffet


Category:  Breaks

Menu items in the category:

  •    Morning Healthy Start Break
  •    Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese
  •    Cookie Platter per dozen


Category:  Audio Visual

Items in Category:

  •   LCD Projector
  •   Flip Chart with Markers
  •   8 x 10 screen
  •   Lavalier Microphone



To add menus, you will first create a Category (how you want to sort your menus) ie. - Breakfast , AV, Lunch etc.

Once you make the categories, then you will add menu items to the system. 

  1. To Create Menu Categories:
  2. Click Utility Wheel in top right next to your name
  3. Click Settings for the hotel
  4. Scroll down to the bottom on the left and click Menu Items
  5. Click the blue Add Menu Category button
  6. Enter the Category Name
  7. Select an Expense Category - required
  8. Check the Service Charge and Sales Tax boxes
  9. Save
  10. Repeat to setup your categories.



Once Categories are setup, you can now add your menu items to a category.

  1. Click New Menu Items
  2. Select the Category to put the new items in
  3. Select the Expense Category
  4. Select the tax and service charge to apply to the menu items.
  5. Enter an Item Name, the price (no $), the Unit (person, day dozen, etc.) and either type the Body description of the item (or you can copy and paste the description into this spot from a document)
  6. Enter the items you want in the selected category, up to 20 on the page
  7. Scroll down and click save


Once menus are loaded, you will be able to see them in your Functions/Catering area of the bookings.


Below shows some sample of menu categories and items in the category:


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