Lookup Tables - Creating Choices for the "Please Select" Fields of Data

Lookup Tables for the "Please Select" fields in Accounts and Bookings

Lookup Tables, or Drop Down Menus,refer to selectable field entries noted by "Please Select" in light gray in your screens for Accounts, Contacts and Bookings/Catering. Properties are able to pre-type selections for a variety of fields for consistency and to create custom selections that will later be accessible in reports and the parameters you select for reports.

To update your property selections:

  1. Click the Utility Wheel on the top right next to your name
  2. Click Settings for "Your Hotel"
  3. Choose the category to edit on the left (See selections list below)
  4. Click on the blue Add New button for any of the following items and enter your Wording or category item, and click save.
  5. Repeat to add any items as needed in the the list for the Category Types


Calendar Event Type - See Calendar Event Type in the Help Guide for a detailed review

Competitors - used with the Lost Business Reasons to identify competitors you may want to track for any lost or turned down business

Payment Method

Reservation Method

Business Origin - typically the source of a booking

Business Type - option to breakdown business in more detail from a market segment

Meeting Class - optional to group events by a type of business if needed

Activity Goals - See Activity Goals in the Help Guide for detailed review

Account Status (default is Active or Inactive)

Lost Business Reasons - used for Cancelledor Turned Down Group Statuses

Lead Source - good for tracking business from marketing or advertising channels

Market Segment

Function Types

Meeting Room Setup Style

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