Editing Master Merge Templates (Contracts)

Edit contract templates when needed (Manager access is needed for this functionality)

You can edit a template and save changes.  Once edited, the next time you merge a new template you will see the updated version.  (More complex changes such as adding merge fields can be forwarded to support@salesandcatering.com).

  1. Click the Utility Wheel in the top right next to your name
  2. Click on the Settings for the Hotel
  3. On the left side, under Bookings, click Merge Templates (for Group Contracts and your BEO)
  4. On the left under CRM, click Contract Merge Templates (for your Volume Contract Account agreements)
  5. Click Edit next to the document you want to update
  6. Make the edits (don't change the text in the merge tags, which look like <<TEXT>>)
  7. Scroll down and click Save
  8. The next time you merge the document, you will see your changes.

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