Recording Business Turn Downs


You can enter a booking into STS Cloud to generate a proposal, and create the room block and function space agenda. Many people with designate these type of Proposals as a Prospect Group Status. Groups in a Prospect status would show and hold formally any space, and then get a status change to Tentative when it is time to create a contract for the booking.

If a group is a Prospect Status and never goes to contract, you can track these groups as Turn Downs.

To update a group status to Lost or Turn Down:

  1. Open the booking with the prospect status you need
  2. Change the Status from Prospect to Lost
  3. The system will prompt a note to you to select a Reason for the Lost Business
  4. Enter any notes for future reference
  5. You can also define competitors in your settings and select a competitor to whom you may have lost the group
  6. Click the green Save Change button on the left

NOTE The Lost Business Reasons and the Competitors list can be updated within Utilities in Settings for Your Hotel Name

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