RFP Forms

ProposalPath RFP Forms make it easy for your customers to send RFP's directly to your ProposalPath account.

  • Receive new RFP's through a customized ProposalPath RFP form
  • Route new RFP's directly to your ProposalPath account - with an email notification to you
  • Distribute the lead to the appropriate sales manager
  • Respond quickly with a professional proposal
  • View detailed tracking and reporting

Implementing ProposalPath RFP Forms is easy.  We'll supply you with a single line of code that you can forward to your web site developer. 

For more information and pricing, contact us at support@bluebuzzard.com.

If you have RFP Forms set up and are not receiving your email notifications:

Please check with your tech team to see what may be blocking the email from coming through. A couple of things could be happening:

  1. Do we have the correct email address?
  2. Have you checked your SPAM folder? If so, please make sure to whitelist our email (support@bluebuzzard.com) so it can come through to your Inbox.
  3. Was there was an update to your server or something along the line that is blocking our email?

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