Front Desk Sales Lead Form

As part of the STS Cloud platform, if you have chosen to subscribe to the Leads portion, there is a new feature to automate leads received from your front desk.  Your front desk team can access the Leads Form link to send leads to you that populate into your STS Cloud system. You can then manage and disposition them within the system. 

Find the custom web link on your web form that you can save as a shortcut on the desktop of your front desk computers. When your front desk agents engage with guests in the absence of a salesperson, they can now use this link to complete the lead form.

Once completed, the designated person will get an email that a lead has been submitted, and using the Fire icon in STS Cloud, the sales person can access the lead to manage, track, and create a booking from the lead.

When the agent completes and clicks Submit, they will receive a pop up message thanking them for their contribution to your revenue growth!

**with paid subscription only**

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