Catering Forecast Will Not Allow A Change

Unable to Change the Catering Forecast Numbers

If you are needing to update a forecast for Functions in a booking, and when you click the Telescope (Forecast Icon) to update a number and see a red circle and cannot edit the numbers, this indicates the BEO Complete is turned on for that event.

The BEO Complete, when turned on for functions, updates the function and populates the actual revenues for the reports. BEO Complete is used to indicate that events have been finalized, and quantities, prices, or revenues are considered final.

If you do need to edit an event to input an updated forecast or enter data for a forecast that is missing, please do the following:

1. Open the function your are trying to edit by click the knife/fork icon next to the function

2. Click the BEO Complete button to show it in the Off selection

3. Click OK to save it

4. Click the group name in the top left to return the Function and Catering page of the booking

5. Now click the Telescope icon to open the forecast window, make edits, and click save

6. If needed, go back and turn the BEO Complete button back On, and click save

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